Here & There

October 11, 2018 – Ongoing
Familiar Boundaries. Infinite Possibilities, The August Wilson African American Cultural Center Pittsburg, PA. 2018

In his book Familiar Stranger, Stuart Hall writes “...identity is not a set of fixed attributes, the unchanging essence of the inner self, but constantly shifting the process of positioning. We tend to think of identity as taking us back to our roots, the part of us which remains essentially the same across time. In fact, identity is always a never-completed process of becoming — a process of shifting identifications, rather than a singular, complete, finished state of being.” Here & There is a participatory installation inspired by investigating this statement, the ongoing process of becoming.

Participants are invited to fill in the statement, HERE I (AM//CAN BE) (blank) THERE (I AM/CAN BE)(blank) on an online website as well as using an Ipad at the exhibition.. These responses were then printed onto flags, front and back, and hung throughout the gallery space.

Curators: Kilolo Luckett, Familiar Boundaries. Infinite Possibilities. Larry Ossei-Mensah, Parallels and Peripheries: Migration and Mobility

Website Platform

First week of the installation
Project Silkscreens

Examples of flag designs 24 x 36 inches, 2018

Parallels and Peripheries: Migration and Mobility, VisArt, Rockville, MD, 2019

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